Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Bowling Shirt

This pattern is one of my fav's!  I've made it twice so far and have another ready to cut out.  I love that you can customize it to your hearts content.   It's another Scientific Seamstress pattern (can you tell I'm addicted?)  The bowling shirt really is awesome.

With this shirt, my four year old picked out the fabric for himself.  He's one of those opinionated types.  I actually love that he knows what he wants to wear.  I wish I was more decisive like that.

I tried to talk him into cute robots, but when he started noticing the skull/crossbones fabric I realized we were good with flames and I better stop trying to debate the issue.  It's Alexander Henry fabric and we found it at JoAnns.  The black is just kona cotton.

 Yep.  I would consider that a win.

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