Sunday, August 23, 2009

Long Live the Turntable

Last week we had several rainy days and the natives were getting restless at my house. So, I pulled out an old 1978 Fisher Price Record Player that I had found on a garage sale. When I was younger, we had a Holly Hobby record player that we loved with read-a-long book and record sets. The Holly Hobby record player no longer works which is very sad indeed, but my mom had kept all of the read-a-longs. I found this record player for $2 (He wanted $3, but bargaining for the lower price is the best part of going to garage sales isn't it???) The kids wanted to listen to the "big CD's" all afternoon. (Clearly they needed the 1970's cultural enrichment) Had I known what a treasure this record player would be to bring peace back to my house, I would have happily paid more. Just don't tell that to the man who sold it to me.

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