Friday, August 28, 2009

Sometimes you need a little helper

I did things differently this time around. When my first three children were born we lived in a tiny house. When I was busy doing something, they were within my sight or reach, so I let them play on their blanket with their toys or put them in a jumpster hanging in the doorway. They played, and I got my work done.

With our fourth baby things were different. We had moved to a two story house, so she could not be in my sight or reach. Most of my work is in the kitchen which is not opened for viewing into other rooms, so if Little Pumpkin was in any other room I couldn't see her. So I made a pouch and carried her with me. She has always been a part of everything I do. When I'm cooking, she wants to smell the spices. Now that she is almost two she will drag a chair over to help with washing dishes splashing water everywhere which should give me incentive to mop the floor more I guess (sigh). She wants to knead the bread. While the other kids are going about their day busily playing their games, Little Pumpkin wants to be right at my side being my helper. Yes, sometimes it is more work, but it is also more fun to be together.

Why did it take me four children to figure this out???


  1. I'm not much better! I didn't figure it out until #3! LOL! Well at least we did finally get it. It *is* so sweet to have thier company while you are working...


  2. I just found this site, I love it. Your page made me cry. I had three,who are all grown up now...too late. I was too worried about clean house then... now who cares. I have a clean house... and enjoy my grand babies. Blessings... Laurelie
    P.S. How do you become a blog er?

  3. Laurelie, First you create an account with the host that choose. I'm using Then you think up a blog name and it will tell you if your name is available. From there, blogger walks you through setting up a blog. You can choose a template from their site or find another one you like. My background is from cutest blog on the block (you can click on their logo at the very top left corner of my blog. They give you directions to adding the background. If you need more help please ask. Let me know if you get one set up, because I would love to read what you have to say ☺


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