Thursday, September 10, 2009


We have been having so much rain this week that the munchkins were going a little crazy. Yesterday afternoon everything got quiet for a little bit. Now every mom knows that this means that everyone is probably getting into trouble. So I went and peeked in the living room. They had brought all of their pillows and blankets from their bedrooms and were making hiding places for themselves. H. was hiding under the coffee table in her "tent" and A. had done the same with the piano bench.

Super P. didn't have to be quite as inventive because for his 5th birthday I had made a tee pee for his gift. The tee pee is wonderful because it is easily put up or taken down and put into a corner out of the way. It is a SewBaby pattern, which I bought online, but have recently seen them at JoAnn's. (great way to use those 40% coupons because they are never on sale) If you make one though be careful of which way the design on the fabric is going. I ran into trouble because the design I chose went lengthwise while the triangles cut to make the tee pee go from selvage to selvage (60" wide fabric) Uff Da! (sorry-Norwegian heritage coming out ) I had to do some quick thinking and make a trip to the fabric store to get some solid fabric . I had to alternate the two fabrics which actually got a lot more cute. What does Bob Ross always say? "There are no mistakes only happy accidents." ☺ The pattern also calls for ties to keep the door open. Super P. didn't know how to tie yet and I didn't want to have to do it for him. I modified the pattern and put in grommets and ties with velco. The tie goes around the flap of the door through the grommet and gets velcroed to itself to form a loop.

Sometimes I wish I could find a hiding place too. This week has been crazy busy and I would like nothing better to hide away (with a good book, of course). Sigh, maybe next week ☺

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