Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Treasure in the Rough

Words cannot even describe how ugly this shelf was. It was a puky color of green smeared with brown and completely filthy. I found it at a garage sale for $3. The shelf is so ugly, but I liked the shape and it seemed perfect for my growing record collection that seems to have started all on its own.

Sometimes collections are like that you know. No planning necessary. They just grow and all of a sudden you realize you have a collection so that when you see more you have to commit and buy them. Anyway, this shelf had a small compartment on top that would be perfect for small children records with the read-along books and the larger shelf at the bottom looked like the larger Nat King Cole and Glenn Miller records that I like would fit if they leaned just a bit.

Hmmm . . . decisions, decisions . . . should I bring home this absolutely hideous piece of furniture??? Well, the lady running the sale noticed my indecision and came over and said she would be happy to sell it for a dollar. She absolutely did not want it coming back into the house with her (and who could blame her?) So I bought it. I had to, it was only a dollar. You understand, don't you???

I painted it the same color as our entry way (or Welcome room as Princess H. calls it). And look! There is still lots of room for more records. I'll have to try and find some more. ☺


  1. Thanks Claire. ☺ You are so creative when you transform the ordinary to something amazing.


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