Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fall Portaits and a Goose

Yesterday we were busy homeschooling when I looked out the window and saw a beautiful overcast day with little wind and it wasn't very cold. Kid's! Hurry and brush your hair-we're taking pictures!

We went to a local park nestled alongside a housing development. There is no playground equipment, but it is a beautiful place for a nice walk or in our case taking pictures.

The fall foliage is sooo beautiful this year! Last year the leaves just turned brown and fell. On facebook someone mentioned "Isn't it incredible that even the death of God's creation is so beautiful??" I had never thought of it like that, but it is certainly true.

Now we have to decide which picture to put on Christmas cards. ( I can't believe I already have to start thinking about Christmas cards!) In my extended family, Christmas cards are VERY important with a Christmas letter tucked inside. In hubby's family, no one writes a Christmas letter. Is that a regional thing? Do you write Christmas/Holiday letters and cards?

And here is a picturesque goose swimming in the pond, but would he oblige us and be in the background of ANY of our pictures???? Of course not! Picture us standing on the shore yelling "Here Goose!!! Come here!!!!" He is one snobby goose.


  1. I think sincere Chrismas letters are very special. For me, the festive season begins when i recieve an annual letter from an old friend i have not seen for years. She writes beautiful letters and I cherish them. Enjoying your blog and your lovely pictures.

  2. Your photos turned out great! =) I LOVE fall shots, they are the best!

  3. Those are so good! Your kids are adorable.

    Where is that? I've been looking for a pretty place here in town.
    Your necklace is made. :)
    Happy Friday!


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