Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Random bits of Fall

Fall is so beautiful with its bright colors

The crisp air that causes rosy cheeks. (And runny noses so don't look too closely ☺)

The wonderful smells of a freshly baked, spicy, gingersnap cookie mingling with an aromatic cup of coffee.

Can you hear the rustling of the leaves?

Everyone seeking out the warm, sunny spots in the room. Have you ever noticed that the sun gives a room a wonderful cozy fresh smell? My Hubby can't smell the sunlight so I might be completely crazy, but my kid's know what I'm talking about. We might all be crazy together. Don't tell me if we are☺

The stark contrast between light and shadows that the intense sunlight brings.

I hope this beautiful fall day brings you a lot of little things that you can enjoy.

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