Thursday, October 29, 2009


Several days ago, my children had an opportunity to play "lunch music" at a local nursing home. It was fun to see the smiles that it brought to the lovely people who live there. Little Pumpkin did her part by dancing to the blues pieces and swaying to the slower ones.

Just another way, Simply Music has blessed our lives. Love that program!!! We are so fortunate to have found a wonderful teacher in our area.

On the topic of piano's and yet totally and completely unrelated in any other way, I wanted to show you one of my favorite garage sale finds of the summer. This beautiful needlework was in a hideous frame and this frame housed a hideous picture so I bought them both and made things right. ☺ Guess where it happily hangs now. . . yep, right by the piano. Yeah, I'm clever like that.

Oh, and don't even ask about how Pumpkin's coat is going. . . Grrrrr. . . lets just say that I'll be headed back to JoAnn's soon for more corduroy. I will NOT let this project defeat me. ☺


  1. I'm in and out of nursing home's all the time for work. How great that you and your children brought music and joy to what can be a pretty depressing place. Hope the coat project is coming along... :)

  2. Lori-
    our piano teacher has the best ideas for getting her students out to play for others. I love that she encourages them to share what they are learning with others. Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments!



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