Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Field Trip

We went to the Farm show for a home school field trip today. We had a lot of fun. I grew up on a farm and never appreciated it.

Until now.

I was NOT a good farmer's daughter. Just ask my father about the time he sent me out to chisel (which is some sort of plow I think. See???? I don't even know what farm implements are called!!!!) a field. I didn't mess up the field on purpose, truly I didn't but . . . well . . .enough of that story. Moving right along.

This is Tuesday (that really is her name-I'm not trying to mess you up on what day it is today☺), a lovely Llama introduced to us at the farm show and we enjoyed meeting her tremendously.

Little Pumpkin loved her and her eyes sparkled with joy when she got to pet her and felt how luxuriously soft she was.

Tuesday's owner explained that llama's are very sensitive creatures and are often used to help autistic children. Isn't that interesting???

There were lots of flags around today in honor of Veteran's Day.

Lots of good stuff to eat.

including the best mustard around. YUMMY!!!

There was a horseman show at 11:30. It was interesting because so much of what he said actually applied to raising children.

He said that a horse that is green broke isn't really completely broke. A friend of his was bragging about how good a horse that he had recently broke was doing and this trainer reminded him that because he was green broke that he should still expect the horse to still try to get his own way. A couple days later, the friend told him that he was right. He had gotten bucked off the horse that he thought had been trained so well.

He could have been talking about my children. Just the time I think they know what I expect and are obedient . . .

guess whose child starts crying in Walmart. Yep, one of my little sweeties whose mission in life seems to be to keep me as humble as they can.☺

We even got to go out for lunch at my hubby favorite fast food place.


  1. That looks like a FABULOUS day!!! I love the pictures and so happy we have made "blog friends!"



  2. Looks like a wonderful family day!

    Was that the Park City Spangles?

    My dad was a carpenter,so Bri expects me to know all the different tools. Uh no. ha ha

    Take care!

  3. Yes it was in Park City. Pumpkin yelled "Bye" to Elvis and Marilyn on our way out-LOL!

  4. Rachel,
    I'm so glad that we have "met" in blogland too! I have really enjoyed reading your blog.


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