Saturday, November 21, 2009

Yeah, she's cute, but . . .

boy howdy can she be trouble! One day, Little Pumpkin didn't take a very good nap so after I got her up she was caught red handed (or should I say "orange fingered") in the kitchen eating my pumpkin pie.

I came on to the scene with all the kids and hubby trying to scold her, and I tried so hard not to laugh.

At least tried not to laugh while she could see me.

We have discovered one of the mysteries of life. Who was the first person to think of putting whipped cream on top of a already delicious pie??? Clearly, it was a frazzled mother whose pie had just been ruined. Resourceful. That's what mother's have got to be.

P.S. I know I've been blogging too much about pie. That's because I've been eating waaaay too much of it. If you see a crazy woman rolling her way through Black Friday sales next week, feel free to stop and say Hi to me. After next week, I'll have to try and break my pie addiction. I might need a support group.


  1. I think this might be the wrong season to give up on pies! I've just started enjoying the Christmas mince pies, yum. I say keep on rolling till January!

  2. Jane, you are too funny! But I do like your plan☺ Believe it or not, I have never tried a mince pie. I might have to.


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