Tuesday, December 8, 2009

All Clean and White. . .

Yesterday was an interesting day with lots of mischief. I'm not sure why some days are like that, but that's the way it goes sometimes.

I went shopping in the afternoon and after arriving home my hubby was preparing to leave. I thought Pumpkin was still asleep as I didn't see her and no one told me she was awake. So I mixed up a batch of no bake cookies and set Princess and Super P. to scooping them out on waxed paper while I went upstairs to check email.

What should I find but Little Pumpkin smearing a salve all over a table and playing with my makeup bag. Huge mess.

As I was cleaning it all up, Super P hollers up the stairs asking if they can lick out the bowl from the cookies. Thinking that this meant they were finished making all the cookies and just wanted to nibble the crumbs that remained, I told them they could. I was still cleaning up Pumpkin's mess so I didn't go to check on the cookies.

Princess came up and said that she wanted to make sure that it was okay that they ate the cookies left in the bowl. Hmmmm. . . this was starting to sound a wee bit suspicious so I went and checked. Sure enough the bowl still had quite a bit of cookie dough that hadn't been scooped out. The wax paper was full of cookies, so Super P thought everything left in the bowl was fair game.

While cleaning up the mess in the kitchen, the kids started getting into trouble in the bathroom. . . well you get the idea. Crazy day. . .

But look at today! All fresh, clean, and white with the magic that the first snow of the season brings. It makes me think of the quote from Anne of Green Gables,

"Tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it." Well, no mistakes yet anyway. . .

Anyone else have any days like this too???? Please tell me you do.


  1. Yes, yesterday was one of those days for me also. My car died as I was trying to warm it up in the morning (parking on a hill with less than a half tank of gas is a no no with an Oldsmobile) so I had to coast it to the bottom of the hill. Then after working all day, I was carrying my 17 month old son into the house and I fell, he hit his head on the sidewalk (luckily he was alright) and I scraped my knees and tore my good jeans. I bawled my eyes out from feeling so guilty for falling with him. So, was it a full moon yesterday or what? Here's to a better day today!!

  2. What a day.....! Yes, I believe everyone has those days=)
    The pictures are gorgeous! I love the picture of the lamp post! It that just from your front porch! So cool! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  3. Oh my GOODNESS....YES!! Yesterday was A DAY for me. I am not sure WHAT was going on with my children!! And it didn't help that I was working through all of the Christmas lights..YUCK!! But TODAY...the tree is done, my children are calm (at least for now) and I feel I am getting things DONE!! I love how snow makes everything look quiet and pretty...unlike here where it is raining and so humid my back porch is sweating and leaves are sticking to it..ugh!! But it is nice to look at your beautiful pictures and dream! :)

  4. I know those days all too well! Hang in there, I should tell myself that too! But it is days like that, that I like to end my day with sewing!


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