Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Just rambling. . .

This past weekend, I went to JoAnn's because they were having a sale that I thought would be worthwhile. To be honest (and this is very strange for me), I didn't really feel like going anywhere even to JoAnn's. Crazy, I know. . . I talked myself into venturing out because Simplicity patterns were $1 and I thought I might be able to find some maternity patterns.

But there was not one maternity pattern in the whole Simplicity pattern book. I couldn't believe it. I found a lot of really fun fabric that I would have loved to sew into something for me, but without a maternity pattern there wasn't much point. I really need to learn how to draft my own patterns. I've had my eye on several drafting books like this one, and this one too. There is so much I want to learn, but I'm a little intimated with the thought of drafting my own patterns. Any thoughts on which book is best if I should be able to buy them?

I did buy patterns for my girls. They are always more fun to sew for anyway. I also found on red tag clearance a piece of Stonehill Collection fabric by Donna Wilder marked an additional 50% off which made it $2.50 a yard. I have no plans for what I will do with it, but it was cheap enough that I decided to take what they had and figure it out later.

Tomorrow I have my first doctor's appointment and sonogram. I'm hoping to be reassured that everything is okay, but really don't want to know what my current weight is or to have all the blood work done. And sonograms are just crazy un-comfy if ya know what I mean.

Taking a deep breath. . .I can do this. . .

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  1. Weird no maternity patterns.
    Hope you think of something great to make with that fabric!


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