Monday, February 22, 2010

An easy-peasy embellishment idea

you can enlarge the picture if you need a better visual

This weekend, I started another project that isn't quite finished so you are just getting a tiny glimpse. But I thought I would share this easy-peasy technique with you that can dress up something that you have bought or are making.

Embroidery floss comes with six strands twisted into one. I separated the six strands into three strands for this project. It really depends on how thick you want your border to be. Then you thread your embroidery needle and knot the end of your floss. Weave the embroidery floss in and out of your sewing machine created top stitches. And there you have it! Make sure you don't pull the floss too tight because you want it to look a little wavy kinda like ric rac.

It made for a fun handwork project while watching Olympic Ice Dancing. (What is up with that anyway???? Could their costumes be any more strange??? Ah well. . .)

Anyhoo, I have seen this type of border done on plain purchased pillowcases to jazz it up a little. It might be nice on the hem of some curtains too. Hopefully, I'll finish my sewing project soon so I can show you what I was making using this embellishment idea.


  1. Pretty neat with the border. Like your blog.

  2. Great idea. I use embroidery floss around the edges of applique (because I'd rather spend two hours hand-sewing than an hour negotiating machine satin stitch!) but I'd never thought of using it like this. My daughter wants a rainbow t-shirt - I can feel a variegated floss border coming along...


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