Friday, May 28, 2010


Hot weather sneaked in just this week and all of a sudden all of the spring pj's that the girls had been wearing were much too hot.

So yesterday I pulled out some of the sheets that I had thrifted last year and sewed light and cool nightgowns for them.

For Pumpkin's, I used the Miss Madeline dress pattern that I made here. I left off the apron and the waistband so that it would be loose and comfortable.

Lately Pumpkin has been taking off her Pj's to go to sleep, but last night she kept on the nightgown so I'm going to take that as a good sign☺.

Princess H's nightgown is the same peasant style, only I used a vintage thrifted pattern for it. Again I left off the waistband.

I also used the sheet's already sewn hem for both girls so I didn't have to do any hemming myself. Sadly, these sheets didn't have any cute borders like some vintage sheets do. That would have been even cuter.

These should have been very easy to sew, but yesterday nothing went quite right when I wanted to put in the elastic. Only Pumpkin's nightgown was finished yesterday. Apparently those tricky sewing gremlins were hard at work yesterday causing mischief because this morning I finished up the elastic on Princess's sleeves in about 5 minutes with not one bit of trouble.

Please sewing gremlins, go to somewhere else this weekend because I would really like to get more sewing done. Thanks so much.


  1. ADORABLE jammies! They look so breezey and perfect for summer! Slumber party in the near future?? They would be the envy!

  2. These are really great. Really, it's such a good idea that I'll now be thrift shopping for sheets. It's nearly impossible to buy nightgowns for little girls that aren't a) polyester and b) covered with a licensed character.


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