Friday, May 7, 2010

Children searching to understand truth

We've been having a few discussions in our family about how we know God exists.

When the question came up, I admit I was terrified and uncertain as to what to say. It came up so unexpectedly at the supper table. (I was so thankful my husband was there so that he could answer☺) I think it is a question that everyone has to ask at some point and the conclusions they reach determine so much:

Can we believe the Bible?
Is the Bible really God's Word?
How do we respond to hardship and tragedy?
Why does it matter if we obey?
Is heaven real?

On the other hand, I was so glad that the child who asked was not willing to blindly accept or depend upon our faith, but clearly wanted discover his own. I have been thinking about this question all week.

My husband, was so wise and kept it simple. He reminded us that God is love so every time we see love demonstrated it is proof that God exists.

Yes, bad things happen that are often so hard to understand. Sometimes children are treated very cruelly at the hand of people they should be able to trust. Sometimes tragedy strikes and we lose someone to death when it seems to early for them to go. It is hard to understand why all of these things happen. But does God cause these things? No, he doesn't, but he does allow them. Sin has caused our world to not be what God planned when he created it.

I have been thinking that another way we can know that God is real is through His beautiful creation. Everything about God's creation demonstrates His majesty and power. Just the simple flowers that I have pictured are amazing in their detail.
The ants, (as annoying as they are in my kitchen) have a job to perform to faithfully gather food to help their colony. They diligently work hard all spring and summer and can lift 20 times their body weight.
Could these flowers be an accident?
Could the ants have just accidentally figured out a way of being miraculously strong? No, even these simple flowers and insects demonstrate clearly a masterful creator designed everything.

How do you know that God is real? Have you seen Him work in your life in a specific way? Love to hear your comments.

If you have a fingerprint of God, you can share it on Beki's blog every Friday when Beki hosts Fingerprint Friday.


  1. Children are amazing!! I teach 1st grade at a private school so we get to discuss God openly. Their awareness brings tears of joy to my eyes!

  2. I had a "visiting" 7 year old ask me that just this week. Not really sure what all I said but I later heard her tell her doll that "god is someone who is always there for you to talk to, especially when you are all alone" It made me cry...

  3. Becki-I'm so glad that the little girl had you to tell her that there was a loving God who would listen to her when she is all alone. Your story makes me want to cry too. . .

    Trish-I agree that children are often more aware and open than adults. I'm not sure why that is, but it is certainly true.

  4. Jody, this is absolutely beautiful. And so true.


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