Friday, May 14, 2010

Project Hopping

I have been trying to clean out my fabric closet and go through all the stuff in there. You wouldn't believe the mess and I didn't take pictures to prove it. Way too embarrassing. I still haven't completely finished, but on Wednesday afternoon, I got a project idea in my head that would not leave.

I have other sewing projects that need to be finished, but they seemed so boring compared to a brand new idea. New ideas are so much more interesting don't you think?

I abandoned all of the things I should be doing and blissfully spent the afternoon cutting out 88 2 1/2 inch squares. All the fabric was out anyway and it was fun to see which fabrics I could put together.

One thing I did notice is that because I usually sew dresses, none of my fabrics intentionally coordinate. I need to start thinking about coordinating when I buy fabric because I would love to learn how to make quilts.
Yesterday afternoon I sewed all of those tiny squares together. I was having so much fun sewing that I lost track of time and we didn't eat supper until 7:00.

Who needs to eat when there is fun sewing going on anyway.


  1. So, whacha gonna do with your 88 squares sewn together?

  2. i do the same thing!! i think 'wouldn't this make a nice quilt' and they are all sitting in a box next to my sewing machine. i can't wait to see how it turns out!

  3. Oh do show pictures of the finished product!

  4. Maybe this is the answer to your diaper bag indecision! Not the flowers, of course, but patchwork. Just use all of the fabrics you like. Who needs to choose? :) S.R.


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