Thursday, June 17, 2010


That's what I've got you know. Absolutely crazy children.

We have had a lot of rain lately so our shady backyard is muddy and the children were getting a little tired of being inside. Yesterday they were racing around the house rough housing with each other.

Super P. is always the one to get hurt. I don't know why. All the kids were being naughty, but only P. got hurt. He apparently fell down the steps banging his elbow on the wall causing his bone just above his elbow to be fractured.

The doctor said he had never seen anything quite like it. Trust P. to be creative when it comes to fracturing his arm. Because the fracture was headed toward the elbow, the doctor decided that making sure it couldn't get worse was the best course of action so P. also has the distinct honor of being the first of our children to get a cast.

All the children had to come with me to the doctor's office where we spend a lot of time waiting:
waiting to see the doctor, being sent to get x-rays and waiting for those, back to the doctor and waiting for him to analyze the x-rays, and then finally waiting for the cast.

Pumpkin does NOT enjoy waiting. It didn't help that she was expected to wait during her nap time.

Finally about 2 hours later, we were finished and P. was the proud owner a brand new glow-in-the-dark cast. He will get to keep it for about 4 weeks.

Fortunately we didn't miss Happy Hour at Sonic and it was right on our way home.

Hopefully today will have a little less excitement. I'm not sure how much more this Mama can take.


  1. GLOW-IN-THE-DARK?!?!?! Casts have come a long way! Can he swim in it? My brother was similar to your P in the injury department! Three broken arms and two broken legs before highschool... My sister and I must not have played as roughly, because neither of us ever had a broken bone. It looks like P handled his injury with bravery. There aren't any signs of tears!

  2. Sonic Happy Hour makes everything happier!

    Hope his arm heals well!

  3. Leave it to kids!!!!! They can be so rowdy. When ours were smaller we had four different casts on four differnt kids in a six month time span. I thought for sure they would be collecting us on child abuse! ;)

  4. Oh no!

    I hope he's healing okay.

    My daughter fell and needed stitches once when I was pregnant and it still goes down in history as one of the worst days of my life.
    Taking care of her, wrestling an angry toddler who needed sleep and a bottle, fighting the morning sickness, throwing up every time I looked at her wound, waiting 4 hours in the emergency room... good times.


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