Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Totally overwhelmed

I'm sorry that I have not blogged much this past week. I have been discouraged and overwhelmed most of the week.

Some weeks are like that I guess.

At my last regular OB appointment, my doctor told me that it is highly likely that I have gestational diabetes. That is a concern of course, but what really bothered me was that she totally would not listen to me and my thoughts. I have been testing my blood sugar regularly for the past 2 weeks and keeping records, but she is still insisting that I have the 3 hour blood glucose test taken.

What busy mom of four has time to go and sit for 3 hours??? I asked her what would happen if I tested positive for gestational diabetes. She said that I would have to test my blood sugar 4 times a day and stay off sugar and be fairly low carb. (Good-bye Cherry Crisp and Reeses PB bars)

Ummm. . . that's what I have been doing. . .what do I need the test for???

Plus, because I'm measuring bigger than I should she is insisting on another sonogram. She implied that the baby could be unhealthy, but didn't really spell out what she was concerned about.

To be honest, it is not uncommon for me to measure bigger and it isn't uncommon for my babies to be big so I'm not really sure if I need to be worried or not.

That's just what pregnant mommies do-they worry.

On Friday morning the kids and I went to the homeschool convention to pick out some new curriculum for next year.

Talk about overwhelming!!!

Way too many choices and people trying to convince you that their curriculum is the best and your kids just won't learn near as well if you pick something else.

I came home totally exhausted and slept most of the afternoon.

And if that wasn't enough, I came upstairs today to use our computer and I had to wait for my two year old to be done with it.

What is this crazy world coming to???


  1. The whole "measuring bigger than you should thing" is so annoying. I measured big too, and it turned out to be a slightly big baby (8lbs13oz) plus a lot of extra amniotic fluid. She was healthy as can be! Don't let anyone use scare tactics on you. Take the tests if it seems right to you and have faith that you know your body and your baby. I'm thinking of you.

  2. Maybe the three hours would be a wonderful "mommy break" to sit, read a book, work on some hand sewing or listen to music. It is an easy test and can tell so much. After working in OB for 30 years (a lot in NICU), I can tell you that 10# premature babies are NOT easy.

    The home school choices can be tiring. I don't blame you for sleeping it off.

  3. haha. the last part cracked me up!
    And I agree- don't let anyone add to your worrying... all women are different, as are all pregnant women, and things not being 100% book definition of exactly how they should be does not mean anything is wrong. Your doctor should be able to explain why any extra steps are needed and what her concerns are, then you can tell what priority level its on! Good luck, chin up, and you've got access to a whole lot of support on here (once you kick your two year old off at least)

  4. I'd love to chat gestational diabetes with you--I had that with Logan and kinda handled it myself with supervision from the doctor. it went very well over all.

  5. ok...first, RELAX...your other 4 kids are healthy right? so the odds are in your favor.

    Gestational diabetes is a concern, but most moms that get it, get thru ok...also gestational diabetes generally means BIG babies. I measured big with my son, and they did another sono...to make sure it wasn't twin s, and to double check the date.... he ended up being 21 days late (legitimately, as my amniotic fluid was decreasing) they set up a date to induce 3 days later, but the night before I finally went into true labor, he was 8# 10.5 oz. and 22 1/2 inches long...big kid...my youngest daughter a year later was 8# 14oz 22 3/4 inches long. (She was only 3 days past my due date)
    so you never know.

    As for the glucose tolerance test...the 3 hour one is actually crap. To really be accurate they should do the 5 hour one. (sorry to say) I have 2 true hypoglycemics in the family, and my hubby and brother have diabetes.

    I'll be keeping positive thoughts for you.

    Hang in there and keep us posted!


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