Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Nursing covers

Yesterday, I quickly sewed up a couple of nursing covers. The cream one is for a friend who is due the exact same week I am and the blue one is for me. Super easy to make. It might become my go-to gift to give at baby showers.
The fabric above comes from Amy Butler's Midwest Modern collection. When I received it, I was a little disappointed in it. (I know! Who do I think I am critiquing Amy Butler fabric???) It just seemed thin and limp to me. I knew I wanted to use it for a gift and it didn't have the wow factor I had hoped for. I loved the pattern just not the thin fabric. So I had to line this one with a cream colored cotton. Lining it gave it a lot more body and I think I might like it better than the one I made for me now.
This fabric is from Anna Maria Horner's Good Folk's collection. I love her fabric. I did not have to line this one, but rather just hemmed each of the sides.

The top of the nursing cover has 16 inches of boning inserted into the center between the straps so that it curves outward. This allows the nursing mother to see her baby while remaining completely modest to the world.

The straps have a d-ring to connect them together. You can just leave it together, slip it over your head and then tighten up the straps as needed.

Many people put a piece of flannel or minky in the bottom corners to use as a burp cloth. It seems like a nifty idea, but I would rather just wash the burp cloth instead of the nursing cover all the time. If you have more than one nursing cover, it would probably work really well to include that idea.
There are a TON of tutorials on how to make a nursing cover. I'll list a few here, but I'm sure there are others.


  1. Cute! Thanks for the easy access to tutorials. I've been wanting to make one for a friend.

  2. Those are cute you did a good job. Nursing covers are great for baby shower gifts fast easy and everybody likes them.

  3. So cool to see all the different projects that everyone is working on:)

    Thanks for sharing!!


    Douglas Eagleson
    Kona Bay Fabrics


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