Thursday, March 3, 2011

A bit of bragging

Mom's can be obnoxious when bragging about their children. I totally get that, believe me.

BUT. . . I have to brag about my 8 year old anyway

She sewed this shirt all by herself! Talk about a proud mom moment! I gave her very limited help. In fact I often gave her instructions and then walked away because I have a tendency to want to take over. Crazy huh? I think that is a mom tendency too. . .

H. has been so patient. We gave her the fabric and pattern for Christmas. And then our family got sick. . . again and again and again. Blech. So many advantages to having a large family but it takes F.O.R.E.V.E.R. for a sickness to make it through the whole family and by then the next illness starts. Nasty sicky winter it has been too.

But last Saturday I told H. we were going to finish her shirt no matter what. She was so excited to wear it on Sunday to church.

The pattern is from Simplicity. They have created several patterns for people just learning to sew with extra instructions and simpler patterns. This pattern didn't have a set in sleeve for example, rather it is kind of like a short kimono sleeve that is just cut out as part of the bodice. Great for beginners.

So, yeah I'm proud of her.


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  2. She did a great job. Love it.

  3. Sharing a success of your child is not considered bragging by me! It helps those of us who live far away to get to know her!! Darling shirt on a darling girl~

  4. That is so sweet! She did an amazing job. I remember learning to sew at this age, but let me tell you, the shirt I made did not look like that. I am not sure it would qualify as a shirt- more like a cloth wrapped around my upper torso with a couple of stitches added to ensure modesty.

  5. wow! i'm so impressed! that's amazing. :)


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