Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's Strawberry Picking Time

We went to a local u-pick strawberry patch, Jester Creek Farm, on Monday to go treasure hunting for red, juicy yumminess. My brother and sister-in-law own the patch and this is the first year that they are in business.

Once we brought the strawberries home, we had to decide what to do with them. I was hoping to make jam, but the kiddos had other ideas. . .

and their ideas were pretty yummy too.

I tried a new recipe and it was amazing.
You can find the recipe here
It was truly the best strawberry pie I have ever had.

Oh, and you should check out what Beki is doing with strawberries: S'mores with strawberries??? Oh yes please. Those ginormous "campfire" marshmallows jumped into my cart while grocery shopping so I'm all set for that fantastic idea.


  1. *drooling*

    It's not warm enough here yet, but I have plants a plenty with lots of flowers!! YAY for strawberries!

  2. i love strawberries, and fresh picked are just the best! i little bit jealous here!


  3. Thanks for posting this. You should get a discount! :) As for why your pie was the best strawberry pie you've ever had--it was the berries of course! I'd really like to try this recipe. The ingredients are almost like Mom's, but it leaves out the jello and the method is different. I assume you taste the berries more--and don't get the red dye.


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