Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Growing up

While my four year old is wanting twirliness, my nine year old is wanting to look more grown up. She is starting to act more grown up too. I'm really proud of her.

I wanted to sew something for her birthday waaayyyy back in September. Almost two months after her birthday, her dress is finally finished. Life got crazy with craft fairs and I don't know what all else so it got put aside for awhile, but it is finally finished.

The fabric from Amy Butler's Lotus line.
I think Lotus is my very favorite line of hers, although the new Lark line is gorgeous too.
I bought it quite a long time ago with no particular purpose in mind. I just knew I loved it and wanted to have some on hand. Kinda toyed with the thought of making something for me, but it looks perfect on my daughter so I'm glad I hung on to it for just the right thing.

When her Daddy saw her in her new dress, I'm pretty sure he got tears in his eyes. I think that means we succeeded in getting her to look more grown up.


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