Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Rosie Crossbody Bag

 One of my most favorite things is to make bags.  Love, love, love making them.  As a result, I often give away bags for presents.  This bag is one I made for my niece. 

The pattern is the Rosie Crossbody bag by Swoon (affiliate link) .  Alicia at Swoon patterns is great!  She comes up with new designs often and they are always reasonably priced.

The hardware on this bag comes from one of those hefty, vintage, soft-body, overnight type bags.  The hardware was glorious.  I love re-purposing and the vintage bag that had this hardware was no longer in usable condition.  Seriously, you can't find hardware that amazing anymore. 
 The fabric on the flap and the interior is by Alexander Henry.  I took my breath away when I first laid eyes on it.

I was terrified to cut into the fabric.  Almost paralyzed that I would make a mistake.  So I let it sit on my table for weeks before I was brave enough to try.  I finally decided that what would help was to cut out the flap pattern out of parchment paper so I could see through it and then place the parchment pattern piece on the fabric, moving it around until I found the placement that was just right.  I still second guessed myself several times.

 I kinda think I need to take time to make one for me.

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