Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Birthday Time!!!

Princess H. is 7 today. I have such mixed feelings about her turning 7. Being 7 definitely means she is officially a big girl and there is no hiding it. That makes me sad. But oh, I am so proud of her and the beautiful girl she is becoming. She is riding her bike without training wheels which is an amazing feat. She is learning to be brave when she gets hurt and although the tears do sometimes come she presses on. She is an emotional girl which can be exhausting in trying to parent her, but her emotions also keep her soft and tender on the inside ready to help a hurting brother or sister, ready to sympathize and loving to hug.

Her coming birthday brought with it a flurry of last minute crafting of special gifts to make her birthday memorable. It is important to hubby and I that our children learn to give what they can and not rely on Daddy and Mommy to buy the gifts they give. Usually, they color special pictures or cards, but sometimes we think up something fun that they can make. Super P and I decided
to make Princess H. some homemade play dough for her birthday as a gift from him and Pumpkin. Princess H. has been asking for play dough for quite a while and I never got around to making it. We came up with the idea to add glitter to the play dough to make it a wee bit more fun/messy for Mama. They have been happily playing play dough this morning.

Do you recognize this dress? Yep, its the play dress -just as she requested

Here is the recipe for play dough if you want to make it for your own special little ones:

✿✿Play Dough✿✿
1 cup boiling water
1 1/2 cups flour
1 TBSP. alum
2 TBSP. vegetable oil
1/2 cup salt
Food Coloring/Glitter

Mix dry ingredients together. Add water and knead until soft and pliable. At first you might panic thinking you did something wrong, but hang in there and keep kneading and it will become just right. Knead in any coloring/glitter that you want. Store in a ziplock bag. It will keep probably a week or two. Of course, you would not want little ones to eat the play dough, so keep it out of reach of kiddos that would do that. Enjoy!!!


  1. That looks like so much fun. My kids would love it.

  2. My oldest is seven, there certainly is something magical about that age! Happy birthday to your big girl and to you mama happy 'birth' day : )
    Home made play dough is the best!

  3. Oh, I could cry at the sweetness of silblings making birthday gifts! It's my favorite part of the pre-celebration days-- watching my own kids come up with craft ideas to give each other...and glitter in play dough-- brilliant! We'll be trying that this week:) PS-- those red heads look like they could fit right into my family too:)


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