Thursday, September 3, 2009

Poncho and Hat

This is one of the birthday gifts that I have been working on for Princess H. and am finally able to show it to you. Princess knew that I was making a poncho for her birthday because she went with me to pick out the fleece. She was very specific. She wanted purple fleece that was soft on both sides. Well, yes Ma'am. She saw this fabric and completely fell in love. She is learning to love fabric as much as I do. When she would find scraps of this fleece lying around, she would ask if she could keep them because they felt so soft. I used an old pattern that I have that is no longer available for the poncho, but I modified it slightly so that it could be buttoned up the front. Princess does not like static in her hair and if you pull fleece over your head in the dry, cool months of fall and winter she would inevitably get the dreaded static. It is roomy enough to still slip over her head if she wants, but if she wants to avoid static it can be unbuttoned.
The hat was an afterthought. I was browsing around and stumbled on Grand Revival's website where they offer this hat pattern for free. (the link is located in her right side bar) Well, who can argue with free??? She doesn't really give instructions on how to put it together so I had to kind of guess at times.
Not really related to this post, but I also love the free ball pattern on Grand Revival as well. So if you go to her site make sure you check that one out. All four of my kiddos have their own ball and they love racing around the house throwing them at each other. The balls are soft so no one gets hurt. Well. . . maybe I should say no one usually gets hurt.

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  1. Your daughter is darling in her pretty new cape and hat. It looks very cozy!


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