Monday, September 7, 2009

Party Time

Because Princess H's birthday was on a Wednesday, we waited until this weekend to have the official birthday party. We held our breath hoping that we could have the party in a local park so the kids could play meanwhile frantically cleaning house because it had rained that morning and looked like it could rain again at any minute. Finally, the sun peeked out and I stopped cleaning. (So yes, my house still needs to be cleaned. . . ) There was a football game going on in the park also so we had a band we didn't even have to pay for and a cannon that was very loud and made the kiddos a little worried until we explained that it was fired when the local team had scored a touchdown.
It always amazes me how quickly our children make friends. All children on the playground quickly became friends even though they had never met before. I was a super shy child and still fight that tendency now so how my children have become so confident I will never know. They taught all the kids to go the wrong way up the slide, they decided to name one of the slides the roller coaster slide and soon all the children were referring to it that way, they played tag and dug sand castles (with a moat, of course; I'm pretty sure that was A's idea) in the nearby sand volleyball court. Children are so special aren't they??? They have none of the hang-ups that adults have. They don't seem to worry about what others will think of them. I wish I knew how I could keep them just like this-confident that everyone will love them because of who they are.

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  1. I was a super shy child too and I hope so much that my babe grows into a confident one...shyness can hold you back from so so much, I wouldn't want him to miss out. You've obviously done a good job with your little ones.
    Oh and that cake looks wonderful xx


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