Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ribbit Ribbit

Super P. has been asking to sew something with me for several days, but I was having a hard time coming up with something we could make together. He has a LOT of pillows that he has made so we clearly needed other ideas.

A couple of days ago, I remembered that the Purl Bee had a frog pattern so I hopped (HA!) on over to their site to see if I could find it. If you want to make a frog with your children here is the link.

I printed the pattern on sturdy card stock and traced it onto the wrong side of each fabric that the kiddos chose.

Even the older children couldn't get my Gingher scissors to work for them (too big maybe????) so they found smaller scissors that worked okay. Cutting fabric with paper scissors just seemed wrong to me, but it worked.

Princess and Super P sewed along with me while sitting on my lap. We might have to come up with another plan when I have no lap left in a couple of months.

A. is 9 and felt like he could do the sewing himself, so I made sure he had right sides together, marked where to start and stop so he wouldn't forget to leave an opening, marked the locations where he needed to pivot with the needle down by putting dots on those turns. I was pretty impressed with how well he did by himself.

I hand sewed the beaded eyes on the frogs. A. had other ideas so he drew eyes on using fabric markers.

We filled most of them with rice because that is what we had, but one was filled with lentils and the kids all like how that feels better.

And here they all are:

Now we just need to think up some fun bean bag games. Anyone have any ideas????

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