Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Homemade Potato Chips

My hubby loves me. There can be no other explanation.

He has also gotten sweeter with each pregnancy. When I was pregnant with our first baby, I was craving Taco Bell late one night and tried to get him to go and get me a bean burrito (which I must admit, I dearly love) He insisted that I could not possibly want to eat a bean burrito that late at night and didn't go. Ah. . .silly man.

He has, I think, learned that pregnancy cravings are not to be trifled with. Am I right???? Of course I am. Now, if I crave something he volunteers to go and get it right away. See? He loves me.

Because I have not been feeling well, he has helped the kids clean the house, changed many of Pumpkin's super stinky diapers (now THAT is love), made supper several times, washed the dishes a lot, decorated for Christmas. . .

On Saturday, he made homemade potato chips. I usually don't have to beg him to do that, because grilling and deep fat frying are things he actually really likes to do.


Here's how he did it:


Heated up oil in the Fry Daddy. We used Peanut oil, but any frying oil would probably work. Peanut oil seems to make the chips a bit crispier, but please don't use it if anyone has allergies to peanuts.

Scrubbed potatoes (Hubby left the peel on, but you could peel them instead). He used 5 potatoes because we are a large family with no self control.

Sliced the potatoes very thinly using a Salad Shooter (a food processor or mandolin slicer would also work)

Dropped the thin potato slices into the hot oil working in small batches. Fry until golden brown and yummy looking.

Salt the chips. We used Lawry's Seasoned Salt, because we love it but any salt that you like would be fine. (A. also drizzled some vinegar on his pile of chips. Super P. tried vinegar and didn't like it at all so A's pile got bigger and Super P got a new pile)

Oh YUMMY YUM YUM! I don't know how well they keep because we always eat them right up so that's something you might have to try and let us know, but I'm guessing you won't have any left either.

EDITED TO ADD: Hubby just told me that after you salt the chips, spread them out in a thin layer to cool on paper towels. That helps to keep the chips crispy.

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