Monday, January 18, 2010

Super Guy!

One of the Christmas gifts that A. determined was a must-have for the year was a super hero cape with a bolt of lightening. He was extremely specific about how it should look. The cape had to be bright blue with a bolt of red lightening.

(Ummm. . .red lightening sweetie???? Are you sure???? I think the lightening should be yellow, don't you???? )

Well, I tried to sweet talk some sense into the poor fellow , but he had other ideas. . . so I appliqued it on with yellow thread just to make me feel better ☺. I was pretty worried that he wouldn't like it because of the small splash of yellow, but it ended up being the thing he liked the most.

Making a cape isn't hard at all. I purchased 1 yard satin for the cape and 1/4 yard for the bolt of lightening.

I don't have a pattern to share with you, so I took a picture of the cape laying flat on the floor so you can see its simple shape.

The lightening I drew freehand onto the paper backing of Heat n Bond lite (you can use any similar product). Heads up: Make sure you draw or trace your design on backwards or reverse-I forgot that and ended up with my lightening going the wrong direction then I had envisioned. It probably really shouldn't have mattered, but it bothered me so I had to do that step over again. Then I ironed on my design to the red satin following the manufacturer's instructions. After cutting out the lightening bolt I fused it centered onto the cape.

I used yellow thread on the top and blue bobbin thread to tightly zig-zag or satin stitch around the applique.

I threaded my serger with 4 spools of bright blue thread (the spools weren't actually all the exact same color-I just used what I had and borrowed a couple of spools from my mom too. A contrasting color would probably look really cool too. I'm a huge fan of using whatever you happen to have) I serged a rolled hem around the entire perimeter of the cape.

If you don't have a serger you could cut out two capes and sew them right sides together, leaving a small hole to turn. Iron it flat and top stitch. Contrasting colors would look AMAZING!

Please ignore the "love prints" all over the mirror.

Sew on some Velcro to fasten the cape at the neck and you are finished! Quick and easy with a lot of pizazz.



  1. I made Jimmy a cape for Christmas too - and it has a bolt of lightning as well - but I was lazy. I appliqued a circle onto the back of the cape and painted the lightning onto the circle ;). Yours is way cute! I love it!!

  2. Great cape! i just made one for my nephew that I will be sending for his birthday soon!

  3. When my son was little, I saw the coolest cape in a trendy boutique store, where nothing was in my price range. It was black satin on one side, with the Batman logo, and blue satin on the other side, with the Superman logo. I loved it!

    I wound up making one for my son. It wasn't the nicest looking (i could barely sew), but he LOVED it.

    Please feel free to link up to Talented Tuesdays over at My Frugal Family!


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