Thursday, February 11, 2010

Getting Out

I know February is the shortest month, but to me it feels like one of the longest months of the year. When winter begins, I'm ready to snuggle into my house and be warm and cozy. By February the walls begin to close in on me. I think my children have been feeling the same way because we have had a lot of fighting going on around here. (There go any illusions you may have had about my family being perfect. . .)

So I did the only logical thing I could think of doing. I called my Mom and begged her to please invite us over and get us out of the house. Kinda rude I know. . . but going to the farm was exactly what my children needed.

My Dad called right before we were about to leave and said he could take the kids sledding. We still have some snow, not a lot, but that didn't stop some motivated children jumping on the sled to ride behind Grandpa's tractor with Wallis the big (okay, absolutely huge), but very friendly German Shepherd running right alongside.

After sledding they all trooped inside and made sun-catchers (I forgot to take pictures of their crafting time), drank hot chocolate or apple cider, and ate doughnuts.

It was a good day. Definitely a day that we needed to have.

We're just hanging in there until spring. . .

Oh, please spring come quickly.


  1. Sounds like the perfect day :)
    We're getting a little stir crazy too, our kids have been out all week from school. the. whole. week.

  2. I am sure calling your mom is never considered rude...I think she is incredibly lucky to have you so close that she can enjoy you all whenever she wants...I would love it!


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