Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sometimes plans change

We had a busy weekend ahead of us: Valentine's Day, church, potluck dinner, lots of sewing. . . but, sometimes plans change unexpectedly.

Our plans changed when two of our children became sick on Saturday and then two more became sick on Monday. Suddenly the weekend became free for lots of snuggling on the couch and watching more TV than is good for us. So thankful that the Olympics are on so we at least have something fun to watch.

Valentine's Day wasn't a complete disappointment, because my hubby and I squeezed in a date to Red Robin on Friday night complete with a stop at Barnes and Noble where we drank coffee (which I'm pretty sure wasn't the decaf I asked for) and drooled over craft books. Well, I drooled over craft books anyway, hubby just tried to look interested and then went to look at music instead.☺

Now the first two children who got sick are on the mend so hopefully all the sickness will end soon. In the meantime, we are just going to be taking it slow around here for a few days.

I hope you had a lovely Valentine's day with the ones you love!

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  1. A Valentines day together is always good!!!

    I hope your kiddos feel better soon.



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