Sunday, February 28, 2010

Our Weekend

On Saturday, we cleaned. I mean really cleaned. Our house has been "barely maintained" for several months now. I was totally horrified at how messy our house had become. I love a clean house, but really don't like cleaning a whole lot.

I'm sure I'm not alone.

I sometimes feel like in order to maintain a really clean house I have to spend my whole life doing nothing but cleaning. I have looked at and she has some great ideas. I tried her ideas for a time, but have gradually quit because yeah I can accomplish a lot in 15 min., but boy howdy can the kids make an even bigger mess in less than 15 min.

It seems like I am just a hamster on a wheel going nowhere. How do you keep a clean house without spending your whole life doing it???? That is the question I would love to find the answer for.

The reason I was finally able to get everyone motivated, myself included, into getting the house cleaned up was because we invited family over to help celebrate hubby's birthday. I won't tell you how old he will be this week, but he is definitely getting older so clearly we needed ice cream to help cope with that. Lots of yummy toppings are always a plus too.

I found recipes for Peanut Butter sauce, Chocolate sauce, and Caramel sauce on which I can't get to come up right now for some reason to make links. All the toppings were delish and I recommend them as being totally yummy. I'll try and get the links posted as soon as I can.

And the best news??? We have lots of leftovers☺ I'm thinking apples dipped into the caramel or peanut butter sauce, maybe a little caramel drizzled into coffee or bananas with chocolate and nuts. Oh the possibilities that could add even more to my already expanding
tummy. . .


  1. that's totally true about the "15 minutes" - i know what you mean! i am always amazed at how quickly my house can get dirty!!
    those sauces look so yummy! lora

  2. "How do you keep a clean house without spending your whole life doing it????" Story of my life...

    I still can't figure out why other women can do it and I can't. It baffles me.


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