Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hello March

I'm so thankful that March is here and the end of winter is in sight. I was looking out our window a couple of days ago and just gasped in complete delight:

Our neighbors tree has tiny buds on it!

It is not the best picture, but I had to try and capture the proof that winter will not last forever and spring will come.

Typically, Kansas weather teases us with promises of better weather and then crashes all hopes with another storm so I'm sure we will see more winter yet, but still. . .spring will come eventually and all of the brown in our landscape will be banished by the coming green (which in my yard is most likely weeds, but dandelions make the children very happy)

I'm not a gardener. I can't make things grow at all. I must shamefully admit to having zucchini die on me one year. I don't think anyone else could kill zucchini, but I managed.

So my husband has decided to take up the gardening in our family. He has been building Square Foot Garden patio boxes, because most of our yard is quite shady. And now we are having spring come indoors as well with the little seedlings that he has started in our living room window. Hopefully my husband will succeed in gardening where I have failed. He certainly can't do any worse. ☺

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