Friday, March 26, 2010

Growing Pains

I love watching toddler's explore and experience the beauty that we take for granted. It gives me a fresh wonder for the amazing creation that God has given to us.

Pumpkin has been picking any flower she can find, which pretty much guarantees that they will all get picked. I have also received quite a few wonderful presents of leaves and grass.

I love watching her explore using all of her senses.

Pumpkin insisted that the flower "smelled sooo pretty." I couldn't smell a thing☺

She discovered one of my most favorite things, the fuzzy moss growing among the bricks on the patio.

(I also kinda love the little toes peeking out of their pink sandals.)

Pumpkin's knees are beginning to show evidence of all her adventures.

The baby knees I so carefully kept safe and protected for 2 years are now grass stained and have quite a few "ouchies" further proving that she can do things "by self."
(sigh) Letting go is so hard to do.

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