Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Monkey See Monkey Do

I have recently begun to notice that my children like to do what they see me doing. A couple of examples:

I absolutely adore reading and will actually forget about the rest of the world and not even be able to hear people talking to me while I read-just ask my mother if you don't believe me.☺ I will often see A. pick up a book to read just for fun. I love seeing him do that. He learns so much from reading even the dumbest fiction books. Often he will ask what a word means because he has read it in a book and we get to have our vocabulary lesson right at the dinner table.

Little Pumpkin is only 2, but when we sit at the kitchen table to do our phonogram review (we use Spell to Write and Read in which you learn 70 phonograms) she likes to repeat the phonograms too. She speaks exceptionally well and to be honest a little bit too much. I truly think it is because she has heard these foundation blocks of our language over and over since she was itty bitty.

A 2 year old who can express her thoughts clearly can be a bit daunting to parent. Yesterday she told me "But its not my fault!" Huh??? What in the world do you do with that???

Princess wants to do the crafty things she see me doing. I have been doing a lot of embroidery lately (I'm really starting to enjoy embroidery-so relaxing!) and so she has started her own project. I must admit to not being too excited about putting down my own embroidery to help her get started because I thought she would need a ton of help, but she is doing really well. She has only stitched her project to the sheets on my bed one time! Not too bad considering her teacher has done something similar several times before.☺

It makes me wonder what would happen if my children caught me reading my Bible more often or if they saw me being kind or going out of my way to be generous to someone who needed help?

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