Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Spring!

Can today really be the first day of Spring???

On Thursday the weather was absolutely beautiful. Highs were in the 60's and the kids had a jolly day of playing outside. Today, we woke up to a fresh layer of snow. Trying really hard not to be depressed about that. Even Max (the puppy in the pic) looks a little sad to me and a bit confused about the crazy weather.

I didn't cover any of my plants like the beautiful daffodils that already had a few buds on them. I know I probably should have. Hopefully they will be hardy enough to survive this little setback.

Our Spring Break was pretty lazy. I kept telling myself to clean kitchen cupboards, but once the drawer is shut who can tell that they really need to be cleaned? If you happen to come over, please don't open the drawers.

Easter is coming and so is Super P's 6th birthday so I have a very busy next couple of weeks. Easter dresses must be sewn very soon, a birthday cake must be decorated, the house needs to a least look clean, and my favorite part: I need to look for little white sandals for the girls. Totally love little girl shoes.

Enjoy the first day of Spring!

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