Monday, May 17, 2010

A little something for me. . ..

I saw this tutorial and had to try to make it. So I put off finishing organizing my craft closet again and started cutting and sewing willy nilly on Saturday afternoon.

I should have been exhausted that day because we attended a high school graduation and several graduate receptions which all had amazing food and lots of fun visiting. At the last reception I caved and drank some coffee because it smelled so amazing and it was a chilly and dreary day just right for drinking coffee. I love coffee. . .but apparently coffee does not love me anymore. I was kind of jittery all evening with lots of energy to burn so I made a cute pouch. (Pouch is a terribly annoying word isn't it? )

fabrics used: Freshcut by Heather Bailey and Olive Rose by Valori Wells

I did not do the optional pockets on the inside for credit cards, because I originally thought it would be great to hold my garage sale money, but it turned out a little bigger than I expected. I'm not good at translating written dimensions to what size it will actually turn out to be.

However, it is a great size for a small make-up bag which I really needed. Because I don't wear a lot of make-up it will be perfect. (Okay, I admit that I only wear make-up to church so if you ever see me in Walmart or at the library just walk on by and pretend you didn't see me ☺)

Now what else can I sew to get out of organizing?


  1. OOO! Very pretty! I love the contrasting patterns you've used!

  2. That's adorable!!

    I'll be your no-makeup-in-walmart buddy. I usually only wear it for church too.

    I say it's because I'm too busy, but it's really because I'm too lazy.

  3. Hi! I received the gorgeous purse that I won from you today!! It's gorgeous! I really like it and I actually have a pair of sandels that matches it perfectly!
    Thank you so much, I will blog about it very soon!
    Hugs, Cindy s

  4. Umm, you could just sew another one of those and send it my That is so cute though. I love it.

  5. oh this is just sew cute. haha. yea, my humor is that cheasy.

  6. so cute! Love making stuff for myself! will have to try the tutorial.

  7. Cute! I love little bags like this one!

  8. What beautiful bright fabrics Gorgeous

  9. Haha. The word "pouch" IS pretty ugly!

  10. That is super cute! Love the fabric!

  11. I love the 'pouch' It's beautiful! And I only wear makeup to church - if that. What's the point any other time!


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