Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Adventures of Flat Molly

My cousin's daughter has been reading about Flat Stanley in school (which I have never read and I'm starting to feel a little left out.) They were given a project to color a flat portrait of themselves and then send the portrait to someone else in the mail.

And so Flat Molly came to visit us all the way from Minnesota.

We had so much fun showing her all the sights on my father's farm to give her a real Kansas experience. First we stopped at the wheat field which is still green, but you can see that it is all headed out. By the middle of June or so, it will be a glorious golden color.

We arrived just as my father was about to feed the cattle, so the kids and Flat Molly hopped on board to have a ride.

Flat Molly really loved the cattle and politely introduced herself, but they were rude and just kept munching away.

Flat Molly also got to climb up the loading chute which was a little worrisome because it was so high and she is so little, but Princess H. took good care of her and she made it back down safely.

Princess H. thought that Flat Molly needed to visit the fruit trees. Here she is looking at a tiny peach which was much too small to have even a nibble of and we were all starting to get a little hungry. . .

so we all stopped at the strawberry patch to find a snack. Flat Molly ate very neatly and didn't get even one strawberry stain, but. . .

I can't say that Pumpkin was able to do the same.


  1. How cute. I have heard of Flat Stanly but have never read it either. It is a very neat idea though.

  2. My youngest son selected Flat Stanley for his bedtime story just last night. They are a wonderful series of books.


  3. What a cute idea! I've only heard of rumors of Flat Stanly :)
    Is it weird to want to be a part of this? haha... If Flat Molly wants pictures in Colorado, I'm obviously game for it to happen!

  4. omigosh such memories. My son had flat Max go all over the US. He's turning 15 in 2 weeks - the real Max, not the flat one.


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