Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Some thoughts from the long weekend. . .

It is probably best if you don't know the huge pregnant lady, that you don't tell her that she looks miserable.

On our way to shop for A's birthday present yesterday, our van broke down. My dad came and rescued us in the pouring rain. So thankful I wasn't in labor with a broken down van.

Our children are attending VBS (Vacation Bible School) this week at our church. That means for 2 hours and 15 minutes each day I have only one child to take care of!!!! Whooo Hoooooo!!!!

It was a beautiful weekend with cooler weather and a ton of rain. As a pregnant lady with approximately 3 more weeks to go, I was totally loving it. Those who wanted to set off fireworks instead of sleep were probably disappointed.

If you want a low-carb snack, blending milk with peanut butter, a half of a banana, spoonful of cocoa powder, and stevia into a shake is not too bad. If you really want to live a little substitute half and half for the milk. I'm not telling which one I made.

Picking up a DVD of Popeye the Sailor Man at a garage sale for 50¢ can be worth its weight in gold and give a lot of needed sewing or nap time to a tired Mommy. But you do have to live with the kids quoting it for the rest.of.the.day.

My husband is absolutely gorgeous while washing the dishes.


  1. We love Popeye too! So much fun!

  2. You are definitely sounding like an 8+ month pregnant woman!!!! We've been there and think many of us can relate.

  3. Haha!! You're spunky and hilarious today. :) I like that.

  4. I love the free flow of this post.

    And people should just stop talking to pregnant women they don't know period. When I'm pregnant, god help the stranger who thinks its okay to lay a hand on my belly or give me advice I didn't ask for!


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