Saturday, October 9, 2010


Today my kids sat on the floor munching kettle corn while I tried to make lunch. We finally sat down to lunch around 2:00.

I have been busy all week making more super hero capes because a local store is going to carry them on consignment. I have a nervous, butterfly feeling in my tummy just thinking about it. It is hard to open yourself up to the possibility of failure.

Moments like these remind me why I love being a Mom.

This past Wednesday I was sick and feeling crummy when my beautiful necklace came in the mail. It made me wish I felt better so I could wear it out and show it off. Love!

My daughter and I made a bunch of these ribbon wands. So much fun to make and tons of fun to twirl and dance with. . .
Ahem, not that I would know about the dancing and twirling part.

After cutting the dowel rod into 12 inch lengths we sanded off any rough edges and then using mod podge we put pretty scrap-booking paper around the rod to make it pretty.

What random things have YOU been doing????

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