Sunday, October 31, 2010

Feeling a bit stifled

There are many seasons of life.
Some girls are in the season of life where they are single and long to be married, some are married longing for a baby, some have children and are longing for some freedom.
Seasons change and they won't last forever.
I LOVE the season of life I'm experiencing right now, but with five children and one of them being only 3 months old I have been longing for a little creative time.
It doesn't happen often that I get time just for me. Immediate and necessary needs crowd out the wants. And it should.
For me sewing helps me to cope with the repetitiveness of my days. Dishes will get dirty again and have to be washed, food will be eaten and need to be prepared again (my 10 year old is consuming a shocking amount of food right now), laundry will always be piled up faster than I can get it clean and back into the drawers.
But when I sew something, I can use my creative energy to make something that stays done and I can feel good about what I accomplished.

This weekend it was time to make something for me.

I made this skirt out of fabric from Anna Maria Horner's Drawing room collection. It is Trellis in Ivory and is home decor weight cotton.
I love Anna Maria Horner. She has such an amazing sense of color and there are no rules about what colors can go together.
This fabric does have such a strong pattern that thinking about the pattern placement was a must. I almost ended up with a huge distorted flower centered over my bum. Clearly that wouldn't have been flattering. So when working with some fabrics, thought is required. Not my strong suit. Fortunately I recognized the problem before I cut the fabric.

The pattern is McCalls 3341. It was easily sewed in one day. I have to admit that I didn't even look at the directions so I have no idea if they are clear or not. I just sewed it together the way that made sense to me.
It was a bit shocking to figure out my size. The size I ended up sewing is 3 sizes bigger than the size I would buy in a store.
How the sizing can be that different is beyond me and makes sewing for myself a bit distressing, but just tell yourself that the size doesn't matter as long as it fits.

I have more fabric to sew for me and more coming for the girls so hopefully there will be a lot of sewing happening around here.


  1. I love it. I've been trying to find a good skirt pattern. I just purchased Anna Maria Horner's study hall (ithinkthat'swhatit'scalled?) skirt pattern, but I may have to run out and get this too. I am about to start substitute teaching and I suppose my daily yoga pants can't be worn to school ...

  2. It looks fabulous! I love the fabrics you used.

    I was one time in your situation with five children and thought that the workload would never end. Eventually it does and you will miss the excuse for not getting anything done!!!

  3. gorgeous....the skirt too. :) I'm happy to see that even with 5 kids you can find SOME time to create. I'm preggers with baby number 4 (my oldest is almost 5) and I wonder if I will EVER have time to sew again. I do love being a stay at home mom....but def miss creative *me* time - not just coloring and baking cookies.

  4. Okay that skirt is crazy cute! I'm glad you got a teeny bit of creative time.

    Anna Maria is the sweetest thing ever. She's very real and kind and down to earth. And she wears jewelry I made. :) She's such an inspiration!


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