Sunday, November 28, 2010

Family Portraits

A couple weekends ago, we got together with a photographer from our church and had some pictures taken.

It means so much to me to be able to have a family portrait. Usually, I am the one who takes the pictures in our family which means we don't have many with all of us together.

We took one of the family portraits and using , which is a free photo editing site, transformed it into our Christmas card. Walgreens was having a special deal last week with 50 prints for $5. So we are getting a great deal on our cards this year.

If you missed getting pictures developed last week, don't worry. I noticed they are doing 10¢ photos this week also which is essentially the same deal, but you don't have to buy 50.

My husband also writes a Christmas letter every year, but he hasn't done it yet. He is a lot more witty than I am so that job falls to him every year. He did put up the tree this weekend so hopefully that will get decorated soon.

Christmas is all of a sudden right around the corner and there is so very much to do.

Do you send out cards or letters during the holiday season?


  1. Great pictures! They will be cherished for many years.

    We always do cards. I've never gotten into the letters.

  2. Great pictures! My SIL took family pics of everyone over Thanksgiving and she used picnic to enhance them. I'm wanting to try it out this week.

  3. The photos are SUPER! and you've reminded me that I need to get busy on that Christmas card and picture...


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