Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's a good idea to read directions before sewing. . .

I needed a gift for a 13 year old. I already had a gift to give, but wanted to add just a bit more to it so I decided to make Noodlehead's Gathered Clutch. It should have been so very simple. I have made this clutch before and had no trouble.

BUT this time I got cocky and didn't read the instructions closely. . .
or maybe I was listening to "I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" too loudly. . .

Do you see the problem???
I'll give you a hint: the zipper
I have the zipper tab on the right instead of the left! I had it fully sewn in AND topstitched before noticing the problem.
Why oh why do I do things like this???

I shamefully admit that I debated if it would be okay for the zipper to open in the opposite direction.
But then I remembered how much I love my niece, and so I re-did the zipper. I guess a little more love was just poured into the gift.

We filled it with Mood fingernail polish from Claire's because it is just so cool. I wish I had some. I wish I had nice nails to show off in the first place.

Anyhoo. . .if you need a quick stocking stuffer for a young girl here ya go. But for pity's sake read the directions.


  1. i love that little bag! and the birdie on the inside is the cutest!!! can you adopt me?? purdy please?!


  2. Love it when we think our brains will ALWAYS remember a lil pattern so well...til we try again and see we have OTHER things in that small brain space, as well!LOVE IT, so much, though!

    GRREAT gift, indeed!---Trenna


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