Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A little gift to send a lot of love

I needed a little gift for a special little Kindergartner graduate so I decided to make another zippered bag and put colorful gel pens inside. (a bunch of fingernail polish colors would be fun too for an older girl or make the bag out of more boyish fabrics and fill with Matchbox cars! Hmmm. . . I think I'll probably end up making a lot of these. . .)

I still followed the basic instructions given in this tutorial for the gathered zippered bag that I made for me, but instead of following the dimensions given, which would have been much too big, I used the back of the pen package as my pattern for cutting out 4 rectangles of fabric. (2 for the exterior, 2 for the lining) and embellished the front with an appliqued initial and an eyelet ruffle instead of having a gathered front.

We filled the inside with fun pens perfect for doodling, and VOILA! an easy peasy gift that doesn't take a lot of time to make, but sends a little handmade love.


  1. Love the eyelet, so girlie.


  2. The little Kindergartener graduate loves the bag and the pens!!!!!1


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